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Classic sheet film Holders - from our production department

This is the difference:
  • Lotus View sheet film holders are manufactured from exclusively handselected wood
  • Traditional European craftmanship at its best

    Special characteristics:
  • very lightweight 
  • very solid 
  • available in all customer sizes. 
  • Some comments on Lotus sheet film holders
    Just the other day a customer sent a holder in to be checked for leaks which was not our brand ... We soon found that the lighttrap was made of a cheap material and definitely couldn't last long:
    The lighttrap contained strips of plastic, v-shaped and felted.This pair of strips may trap light for a dozen uses, even a bit longer. Inevitably it will start to leak when the v-shape is relaxed and compressed by pulling the darkslides frequently. We at Lotus View Camera have spent a lot of time on research and a lot of money on creating the best tooling for making a guaranteed lightproof lighttrap. We ended by incorporating the traditional copper-beryllium comb shape as the heart of our lighttrap. Felted with special fabric it makes our sheet film holders more reliable. It is cheaper in the long run to buy good quality.

    The following sizes are available:
    4x10", 7x17", 8x10", 8x20", 11x14", 14x17", 12x20", 20x24"



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