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The Lotus Rapid Field

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Certain cameras grant just a more sensous feeling than others...

Our 5x7" has been best selling from the start and this way disproves any speculations about 5x7" being a declining size.

In fact the format 5x7" - or 13x18cm as it is called in Europe - is far more attractive than just being a compromise between 4x5" and 8x10".
We consider 5x7" the especially versatile kind of an ideal size:
Weight and size of camera and lenses are nearly the same as the 4x5", this counts when backpacking.
Costs of camera and lenses still are in the range of a 4x5" equipment. The negative size is almost twice as big as the size of 4x5" negatives, being perfect for even high scale enlargements as well as for precious contact prints on e.g. platinum.

There are even more advantages when you buy a Lotus 5x7": Straight modern design with a maximum of movements, unequalled smooth and precise controls but without gimmicks which would result in clumsy handling or restricted movements.

Wooden parts are made from cherry wood which is more durable, insensitive to climatic changes; and accurately machinable.
Metal parts are made of brass as well as of anodized and powder coated aluminum. Feel the silken operation of the back and front swings!
Tracks and pinions are made of Delrin™ for smooth and precise focusing.
Uncompromising quality in high precision assembling and finish.
Our 5x7" is a multiformat camera. You can use our 4x5" reducing frame for all kinds of roll film and Polaroid backs as well as our panoramic 4x10" back.
Normal bellows minimum draw allows you to photograph with 75mm lenses on 5x7"! If you would like to go even shorter we offer our special »bag-and-field bellows« which was designed for lenses from 45mm up to 240mm. Longest draw of normal bellows is 28" (73cm).

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