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The Lotus Rapid Field

System chart

Certain cameras grant just a more sensous feeling than others...

Size 8x10" - or 18x24cm as it is called by some people in Europe - is traditional king sized large format, and we make the queen of beauty for this size.

8x10" usually doesn't need enlargement - it is full contact printing size giving overwhelming richness of tones and subtitles.
Weight and size of camera and lenses of course is more than with a 4x5" - but the masters of our century knew very well why they put an 8x10" into their backpacks. Remember Ansel Adams saying: »I always take the biggest size I can carry«.
Size of negative is as four times as big as 4x5", being perfect for alternative processes like Salted paper, Platinum/Palladium, Cyanoptype, Albumen etc.
There are more advantages when you buy a Lotus 8x10": Our 8x10" is the most versatile wooden field of this size - and perfectionists make it. Unsurpassed rigidity and versatility as well as easy and self-explaining handling.
Straight modern design with maximum movements possible, unequalled smooth and precise controls without gimmicks which would result in awkward handling or restricted movements. Lensboard 6x6" with rounded corners. You can directly attach your old Deardorff lensboards.
Wooden parts are made from cherry wood which is more durable, is far less sensitive against climatic changes and machines better with more precision than e.g. Mahogany.
Keyword precision: just test our »queen« by shooting with an wide open short lens using one of our wooden ultra-light-weight 8x10" holders. We hit the standard.
Metal parts are made from brass as well as anodized and powder- coated aluminum. Feel the silky-soft operation of back and front swings!
Tracks and pinions are made from Delrin for smooth and precise focussing.
Uncompromising quality precision assembling and finish.
Our 8x10" is a Lotus Multiformat Camera. You can attach our 8x20" back as well as our reducing backs to 4x5", 5x7" as well as 4x10"!
Normal bellows minimum draw allows you to photograph with 110mm lenses on 8x10"! Longest draw of normal bellows is 38" (95cm). So you can do close-up work using a 750mm-lens We welcome the opportunity to tailor your 8x10" according to your needs.
For example:
You want our 8x10" attached by the 8x20" back and optimized for use as a vertical? No problem. We work for our customers.

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